Managing money with an eye on risk!

Asset Protection

Most people do NOT have an Asset Protection Plan. Our planning process assess risks and makes sure valuable assets are protected from “all” known and unknown creditors.

Estate Planning

Most people do NOT have the traditional EP tools in place. And those who do, typically have not updated them. We make sure our client’s plans are in place and up to date.


Our firm specializes in tax mitigation strategies. The best way to grow maximum wealth for retirement is to do so in the most tax-efficient manner possible.

Long-Term Care

One of, if not, the biggest expenses in retirement are those associated with LTC. As such, they must be dealt with in order to have a complete retirement plan.

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    Why Choose Consortium of Wealth Advisors, LLC?

    Consortium of Wealth Advisors, LLC was created for people who want to take a different approach to building wealth; one where risk management is at the center of each element of a financial/retirement plan.

    Total Wealth Solutions – It is no longer good enough just to manage money

    Our Services

    Total wealth management to include, AUM, Comprehensive Financial Planning & Asset Protection

    3-Buckets to Build Wealth

    We use a simple but powerful 3-bucket approach to help clients build wealth. This approach is designed so clients will take the least amount of risk to reach their retirement planning goals.

    Comprehensive Planning

    Our comprehensive platform starts with making sure clients have an asset protection plan in place. Then we tackle estate and financial planning and for business clients, corporate structure and business transition.

    Analyzing Risk

    Many people think their wealth building assets are much less risky than they actually are. We use the most up to date technology to assess the risk of our client’s assets and to make sure they are aligned with their personal risk score.

    Getting to Know Our Clients

    Making complex financial planning simple and straight-forward.


    Understanding You


    Taking the time to understand your current financial situation is paramount to offering solutions to fit your life and future generations.

    Review & Plan


    We want to meet with you to review and plan out our strategy. We realize life can change and we want to be with you the entire way.
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    Supporting Your Estate

    Retirement Years

    We want to be with you at all stages of your life. Retirement planning can be stressful but does not need to be. We work closely with you to find solutions.
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    We Serve to Take the Complexities
    Out of Your Decision Making

    Offering Our Clients Straight Forward Financial Solutions.

    Innovative Solutions

    Offering financial solutions in a complex world. We serve to simplify your entire financial life.


    We use technology interposed with human decision making to give our clients solutions that are easy to understand and implement.

    Solutions for Today and Beyond

    Bringing wealth preservation education established thinking to drive new retirement solutions.

    Let Our Firm Walk You Through Your Options

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